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Thread: Bt Sites and Beer

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    Dec 2006
    Now you can't legally drink and drive,or operate machinery
    Put your hand up if you have been your Fav Bt site irc punching a few cans down while looking on their forums.Maybe dropping a few torrents

    Well that's me as well

    The thing is I download stuff that I didn't even know about when I was drunk and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even looked twice at it if I was Sober.
    So i delete the shite cop a hit and run, its like being fined.

    Bars and Clubs have responsible service of alcohol then stop severing you.

    Maybe staff should also disable your downloads while your under the influence

    What you think???

    P.S thought I start another boring topic so peeps can hack on it

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    Canned beer? Seriously?

    I've made a stupid joke or two on torrent comments while single malt is flowing through my veins, but I don't recall finding surprise tranny porn in my client or anything of that sort.

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    LoL bt234 that was a expression, lets just say Alcohol in general hehe

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    Maybe some hardware company could design a USB breathaliser unit, similar to the ones in cars that disable your ignition, so that if you are too ratarsed you cannot post on forums, irc channels etc. The bonus of this then of course is it is one less stupid thing to discover you have done the night before, as your brain slowly remembers what a complete retard you were, and you sit there with an award winning hangover saying 'I will never drink again'......
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    when im drunk i dont use the internet really except for msn and funny vids


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