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Thread: Transfering Files To Mysharedfolder

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    Hey good people -I found K.Lite today,started downloading files but i can't seem to transfer files from my e-books to my SharedFiles Folder.To get around this hurdle I made a new folder & copied everything to it then drag&dropped it to MySharedFolder but it still looks closed - I can't tell if everyone has accesss to it.Also,i would like to become a Supernode-All the criteria are met on my machine.I'm a relative newbie to everything I.T. so i'll need a little pointing in the right direction.I appreciate your time,zillaman.

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    click here to see a list of your shared files (with kazaa running of course, and on default port 1214)

    edit: don't think this'll work with a folder inside the shared folder though...
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