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Thread: TL open for signups

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    Nov 2008
    I don't know whether this is the right place to post or not. But TL is giving away invites in their irc channel

    Go to
    port is 7011
    channel is #torrentleech
    just type you email and voila woot sends u the invite

    but only 15 minutes left as of now so hurry guyz. This is golden opportunity

    Ok it's over
    I am sorry of informing u gyz so late I also found out 10 min ago
    I already have a acc there
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    lol. way to go gettin some fellas excited for nth.

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    Yaa lolzz
    but the invites were being given out
    if you want proof go to the channel I mentioned and don't ask for invites just ask if invites were being given

    I am sorry guyz for informing this so late
    I myself found out very late

    I think this is like the time when bitmetv opened
    this was also for 1 hour
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    the end .. =P

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    Bah I missed out. Sadness.

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    ya ive seen them do that a couple times... usually its too short for anyone to take advantage of it.

    anyways... i hate that fucking TL irc channel now. few weeks ago that guy "_woot_" or whatever his name is was doing these mass kicks of everyone in the channel. which OK maybe that is funny the first time he did it... but a pain for me to reconnect and get my window layout right cause i'm using IRSSI

    anyways... the second time he did it a few days later it was even less funny and by the third or fourth time i finally said fuck that IRC channel and deleted it from my config.

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    will get banned
    Only God Can Judge Me

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    I wonder how many people got in from just that one hour giveaway.

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    Used to use TL a lot. Got banned for inactivity

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    well, that give away is over now

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