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Thread: Need OVH/Kimsufi reseller

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    Hi, I'm looking for a kimsufi reseller with reasonable prices. PM me with offer please.
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    slayer, microsoft,, , nftguru?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pplush259 View Post
    slayer, microsoft,, , nftguru?
    +1. Have a box with slayer. Pm him! Friendly guy. Nfoguru is pretty new, haven't seen any vouches for him in this forum YET. And who's microsoft?

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    I can offer OVH boxes as well . PM if you want to have good prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by brhosting View Post
    I can offer OVH boxes as well . PM if you want to have good prices
    ^ u dont have PM functionality as of now

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    too expensive in my opinion
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    I think the $20 plan is good. 5 TB is really good for that price. But it all depends on the speed.
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    with 5 active torrents its hard to use 5 TB.that is not good plan for long time seeders.
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    they did say about how many users are sharing the unit or bandwidth, which is very important to know. may it's just, hash-checking a 5GB torrent can take more than 1 hour.....
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    Actually you can order any server from OVH within my company. Is that what you want right? Those plans are my WebUI Packages, which we're running on OVH Servers, all at 100Mbit connections. We'll be testing our first 1Gbit server in the next month as I'm expecting to get 20 or 30MB/s download/upload speeds.

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