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Thread: is it possible to download from usenet with a mac?

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    i have macintosh leopard 10.5.5. any of you have a mac or know somone who have a mac and usenet?

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    Of course it's possible lol.

    1. Get access to the provider of your preference (I like Giganews, but there are many around to choose from).
    2. Get a news reader. I use Unison, it's not free but it's not hard to get either. There are some free readers around that have good reviews like Newswatcher and iGrabNews.
    3. Get MacPAR for the par files.

    This is just like that drug trip I saw in that movie while I was on that drug trip.

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    so i need to buy a giganews account and a mac compatible news reader?

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    giganews is one choice. And yes a client for your mac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeorD View Post
    so i need to buy a giganews account and a mac compatible news reader?
    Not Giganews per say, there are many providers out there and they all offer different ranges of access to the same content. But It all comes down to retention, completion, and price.

    Giganews is no doubt the best of the best right now as far as Retention (*note, Wiki article is the same principal that applys to usenet retention)

    Giganews is at 240+ days. But there are much cheaper competitors out there that are quickly closing the retention gap. Look around and weigh your options before you commit. Most offer a free trial so you can test them to see which suits you best.

    For a mac newsreader there are many free ones. I would recommend Sabnzbd+ or Hellanzb. Both are great clients, 100% free and fully automated and the browser plugins you can get work a treat.
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    Although its not free and I have never used it but I have heard good things about Unison

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    I have used them all and SABNzbd is by fair the best, best of all it is free and the support in their forums is amazing.

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    Unison is awesome and so is Giganews. I'm using them currently.

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    I have a UseNeXT account ant there is also a software version for Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bannister View Post
    I have a UseNeXT account ant there is also a software version for Mac
    I don't think that is something to recommend @ this board. Had a few discussions about UseNext and there's not many ppl here who like them.

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