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Thread: Optical Media Sucks

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    I read the first line of that and lost interest. True Story.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, welcome to the board.

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    I always knew optical media had its problems but I'm just starting to realize how bad it really is.

    Just rented a video game and thought the disc looked fine after a quick glance. I start having terrible freezes during a certain part of the game. I think the game is buggy or whatever. So after someone suggested it could be the disc I take the thing out and wipe it off and it still has a few very minor scratches. It didn't look like I really did anything to it. I'm thinking to myself this isn't going to do $hit but I'm amazed that it actually works now.

    Some discs that I rent look like someone has taken a brillo pad to them and work fine and then other times I have dropped a new disc just a short distance on the floor and they no longer work. I think they are fine for casual use or computer data back ups as long as you have multiple copies but I feel bad for people that have invested thousands of dollars in optical disc collections.

    The only time I'm going to buy a disc anymore if its a game or something I want to keep playing for a long time. I try to get friends and family to rent from netflix because then netflix is responsible if the disc goes bad. Blu discs also have problems even with their extra scratch resistance.

    Its a very minor inconvenience to wait a few days compared to the high price of buying it yourself and the low reliability of discs. Or a even lesser wait time if you "borrow" from other sources online.
    Why would you edit yout post?

    I for one found it fascinating
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