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Thread: Sharing Books

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    It's always buggered me (and I have a program that monitors sent uploads) that so many people download from my porn collection but almost nobody downloads any of my books. There is a reason I keep a 700+ collection of books and that is so that people can download them, this might seem pretty pointless but it still vexes me greatly, come on people, humour a guy, download more books.

    Actually I have books on pretty much anything from Fantasy to Ninjitsu knife throwing to summoning demons. Yes you read that right, summoning demons, something like that has got to be interesting. I also collect gamebooks so there's bound to be something there to interest even the most die hard of computer players.

    So post what rares you have. (books obviously)

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    It must have taken you a long time to scan those 700 books into your computer?!

    It's good for short books, but overall I prefer to have a book which I can pick up and hold.

    I have downloaded several educational books to help me with my computing studies though.

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    Actually I have'nt scanned any of them, the fact is that you can amass quite a collection given a year and unlimited internet.

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    The problem isn't that people aren't trying to download your books, it's that more people download porn. Books are the #1 thing people download from me.

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    Kazaa users can't read.

    Actually my most popular upload is comic books.

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    Originally posted by DasScoot@8 September 2003 - 18:29
    Kazaa users can't read.

    Actually my most popular upload is comic books.

    you mean bush?

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    I'm currently sharing around 1600 books, though some may be doubles. Also a shedload of audio books.

    Like Magic said, it's not that people don't download books, it's just that other things are much more popular.

    Oh and the comics collection is growing daily, mostly thanks to HeavyMetalParking lot, but some others. I have many hundreds of those as well now.


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