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Thread: Serverless Emule

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    The rumors have been all over the place.. So, here is an official announcement..

    We are going to be adding a new network to eMule. It will be serverless based on the Kademlia protocol.

    Although there are other networks that use this protocol (Overnet), we are not joining that network.

    1) Sources will not be lost. Overnet is already merged with ED2K with the eDonkey Hybrid client. The new network will still be merged with the ED2K network in our client the same way. Source exchange will allow all networks to be utilized no matter which your connected to.

    2) Overnet's protocol is not open to the public. Therefore debugging our protocol to match theirs would be more difficult. We felt that if we weren't 100% compatable, we were not going to join the network.

    3) Using Overnet's protocol would give us no chance of improving it. Any changes to improve it would render the two clients incompatible..

    We started our first very small private test today.. It seems to be going well..

    The new network may not be enabled for firewalled users at first. If this is the case, support for firewalled users will soon follow..

    We do not have a name for the new network yet. Although we have ideas, it would be nice for some more ideas. We want the new name to involve the word Mule or at least imply the word Mule..

    There are a few more tweaks to the protocol before a public beta release.. We will try to make the first public release small just to see how it handles. If that goes well, we will make a big annoucement here..

  2. File Sharing   -   #2
    I dont get this Emule Edonkey (waste of time) are all open case Programs to be Kicked offline with Warnings, Abuse Emails towards your Provider.

    Its a waste that files can be download and they simple tell you to disable fileshare on the Edonkey forum to be safe(not to be busted? ?) duh,upload/or even share no files which is not possible.

    Because this program works on the minute you download,u upload the file allready to others, so they can also take the file from you aswell (not my problem anyways, looks normal [give and take, bla bla]).

    But maybe you didnt read my post

    So this is gonna be the weakness of programms like Edonkey,overNet or Emule.

    Maybe its time to skipp technically improvements, with to much focus on how much stats the program can run, while in the meantime you need to rethink of sharing files without knowing for other unwanted party's can scan for what is loaded.

    you send but its simply data P2P, in the end you have a program.

    Noone should be able to scan what your interest is cus its noone bussiness, also the man who (4ex4mple FBI) is seeking your trashcan at home to see what you have been eating all week can probley feel ENpowered, by seeking to someonces private property.

    Im just saying is it right that we dont have to be confused,of being pushed off into deals with company's who want control of everything we free minds create.

    Free should be

    download106304339170692711 from kazaa lite

    Question: "Is this still Detectable to what user ip uses what programm to origin the file which you are downloading or not?"

    Easy'er said is it normal that when I send private emails anyone could read or scan all the words. (other topic but simulair to the thought of this posting)

    I dont need a camera in my house and sertainly none of you K-Lite users wanna have that feeling in the future to be watched as if we are all criminals.

    Does anyone have the meaning of this posting right.

    Dont hessitate to poste anyways, I need some feedback.

    My mind seeks to download that program that can prove to work on a P2P engine like the program submits you download just a file , without a third party to scan from outside.

    Im not promoting to share against all odds.

    Im saying its not right to sue individuals, who apear to be just that individual.
    not a Private Reburn Factory.

    Im talking about individuals.

    Cus the one who sue's others has to be house searched themselfs.

    In a sertain recognisable sentence "those who are innocent should throw the first Rock." (and noone could..)

    hope some input to share thoughts and not only ow wow I can download at bla bla mbits. Who cares if next week you have no speed at all.


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    It seems like a sensible idea. The eDonkey2000 network was first reverse-engineered by the MLdonkey crew, but it was soon implemented into eMule. But MetaMachine allowed the duo to escape with that. Since, MM developed the decentralised eDonkey2000, I doubt it'd want others to take advantage of it.


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