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Thread: Dediseed Review (OVH reseller - after 1 month of use)

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    Thought I'd post a review on my experience using the OVH reseller Dediseed.

    Initial Sales:
    Very Good, questions were answered very quickly & was most helpful.

    Paid for my order using PAYPAL on the 07th Oct 2008 & on the 10th Oct 2008 received confirmation email that server ready.
    Timeframe was within 2-4 day set up quoted on initial contact, so far so good.

    Easy to use the Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 OVH machine, good constant speeds, pushed out about 6.5-7 TB in a month.
    Being a complete Linux noob, I found it relatively easy to use, just follow guides on line & you cant go wrong.
    Creating large torrents can take a while but then it is a small 1.2GHz processor, so dont expect it to fly along when extracting rar packages or rar'ing up large 4-6GB files.
    This was the Kimsufi L package, achieved good down & up speeds. You will only be able to push 11MB/s up if you literally stop all torrents and allow just 1 to run, otherwise expect if you have 10 or more torrents running for it to reasonably push about 5-6MB/s (obviously depending on torrent popularity)

    After Sales Service:
    I had an initial problem with 100% cpu use for over 24 hours and couldnt get box to do anything, needed a reboot or some help, sadly email for help went unanswered, finally after googling & visiting various forums got problem fixed & sent email confirming to ignore previous email for help.
    At the time I visited these forums to see people were having problems getting in touch with dediseed...
    Everything went swimmingly until four days remaining on my package I suddenly lost access to box, no http, ftp, vnc etc.
    emailed for help, asking for dediseed to use OVH manager to simply reboot server & nothing, sent couple of emails for assistance as I still had 85-90GB of files on server I wanted to download to home, but no response...

    Very frustrating, what was odd as well that coming to the end of my first month I thought dediseed would be emailing to ask if I want to keep server for another month, but nothing - really odd...
    I am more annoyed at losing files on server than anything else. I must say it takes less than a minute to reply to an email.

    Cheap enough reseller of OVH stuff, however once you have the server, in my experience after sales is non-existant. If you have a problem, tough...

    Overall Rating

    I guess rating would have been higher if there had not been any problems as I would never have known if emails would have been replied to or not in terms of after sales problems/help.

    On another note this cost 39.99 Euro (about 31-32 at the time) for the month.
    I went to direct & got a server in France, same spec as above for 23-odd. I gotta say it was very easy to order & set-up, within 10 minutes of paying I was logged into my new server, absolutely awesome.

    The only reason I went to a reseller was that this was my first experience of getting a server for the purpose of seedbox set-up, having used purchased seedbox plans before I thought I would try out a server, I am glad I did as I have learnt quite a bit in the last few months. Glad I have gone directly now as well, as a lot cheaper & also have access to OVH manager to reinstall OS, reboot etc etc etc.
    I will probably keep for a month or two & probably move onto one of the bigger faster hosting-ie packages I have seen, will wait on some more reviews on those.

    I have written this review to reflect my experiences of getting a server from an OVH reseller, and also for anybody out there that like me 6 weeks or so ago was new to all this. Reviews help a lot for any of those seedbox users wanting to expand & get themselves a server to set up as a seedbox, without having to share!

    Hopefully some people will find my review useful.
    Feel free to add you own reviews of this reseller to this thread.
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    Thanks for the review .. Highly appreciate the Effort put into this and it will be highly usefull to people in search of resellers ..

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    Me and others lost access the the servers ~10th Oct, and never got any answers from dediseed, so I guess you were very lucky

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    Thanks for the thorough review..

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    glad people appreciate review,
    @ AnesZverotic sorry to hear you lost access, did you have time remaining or did you lose a few days like I did?

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    I had 2 and a half month remaining
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    sorry to hear it man, 2.5 months, whats that about 100euro's you lost?

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    ouch... u have 2.5 mnths remaining and u have no access to ur box, and they aint replying.... thats a very bad sign...

    sorry to hear that...

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    you should have saved yourself the hassle and bought direct

    always people willing to help on the forums on ovh.

    you should see which resellers are active there too, always good to know someone is active on those forums, because if you don't get a good service, you say so on the official forums and then everyone knows to stay away from them
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    NUMBER1 has got it spot on about Dediseed. Once they have your money forget about them being of any use. Their "Technical Support" would appear to be a bunch of chimpanzee's throwing dart's at a board. Completely useless. When I complained about their so called tech support they cancelled my service. Avoid them like the plague.


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