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Thread: Playstation Portable(psp)

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    *32-bit Processors
    *3D display 33Million polygons per second
    *480 x 272 pixcell
    *H.264 video codec
    *surround sound 7.1
    *802.11 wireless LAN

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    when is it comming
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    Sony are going to have to work considerably hard to make a good launch for the psp, considering nintendo owns close to 99% of the handheld market at the moment. Then again, nintendo - as usual will take the threat lightly and eventually pay for it's mistakes, i'm seeing it happen all over again. According to their response to the new hardware, they really aren't taking it seriously. They don't even seem shifted in the time of release for the next game boy.

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    knew this for a while... i didn't think this was real... what do you use to play the games? cd's?

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    The Disc
    The system's UMD (Universal Media Disc) optical disk format has also been clarified a bit. A UMD is a 60 millimeter dual layered disk that can store up to 1.8 Gigabytes of data. Transfer rate for the reader unit is 11 Megabits per second, which is twice the transfer rate of a standard DVD system. Sony is also promising the highest level of copy protection for these discs using DiscID and AES encoding technology.

    All your info there.

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    ooooh i want this badly... how much would this cost

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    Considering the miniaturized technology theyre stating, very expensive. I wouldn't be suprised with a $600+ price tag at launch.

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    Originally posted by tHe LiNk@8 September 2003 - 08:05
    Considering the miniaturized technology theyre stating, very expensive. I wouldn't be suprised with a $600+ price tag at launch.
    they'd be stupid to make it that high even simple common sense states that they wouldn't price it over 150. when the Ps2 was announced people were estimating it to price way over 500 dollars.

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    The ps2 was priced over 500 dollars on release (cant remember exactly how much), but this is australian prices. You must be american. Also, that remember the "i wouldn't be suprised" bit, thats pretty much as high as my estimates would go. $150 US does seem logical, but they'd be most likely selling them at a loss at that price.

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    They'd better not go insane with the price of this thing. It should be a sound and reasonable price and one that can manage to contend with the Game Boy in the handheld market.

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