I know this is a long shot but thought I'd try my luck anyway. Reasons I want to get into this community are:

1) absolutely love HD stuff especially blockbuster movies and documentaries. Going to be watching them on my 50inch plasma and 7.1 NHT speaker systems powered by Yamaha RXV2700. I love HT!!!
2) just bought a 1TB hdd and I need to fill it up!
3) I have 150gb/month from my ISP and I barely come close to using it up which is such a waste. This tracker will help me get my money worth

Reasons why you should consider inviting me:
1) I have excellent ratio on Bit-HDTV and can show proof. Also have good ratios on other trackers e.g Bitme,TL, Waffle.
2) I love HD materials just like you so since we share a common love surely we can share the same community/tracker as well

Thanks for looking!