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Thread: Max Payne

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    I dl the iso, get it on cd, install it (no option to change language), upon intsallation everything is in portuguese (spanish) , I look in the folder where it is installed and find "x_portuguese.ras".

    I do a search in k++ and google for "x_english.ras" found one on K++, the file size is to small 30.4mb though it did help with the start game menu.

    The file I need (x_english.ras) is above 200mb anyone have this file or know where to find it?

    I used the search function and found nothing helpful


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    unfortanetly, i tried the iso too, and it did little to help. dl the 253 mb max payne file found on kazaa, it's in english, unzip to a folder, then just copy the english_x.ras file from the new max payne folder to the one thats in portugese, and delete the new max payne folder. there ya go, now the game's in english, and u have the neat things like the editor. hope this helps


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