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Thread: MONSTER TL Buffered Account!! (Look Inside for details)

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    MONSTER TL Giveaway/Trade!!! (Read inside for details)
    Lately my cousin's government job has allowed me to use his extremely fast double T3 (OC2) connection. This allows me to upload at great speeds with ease. However, in about a month he will be moving back to his home in India, so I will no longer be able to maintain the ratio I have built up for this TL account.

    Image removed by D

    Incase you guys can't read that. It's

    Uploaded 2.** TB | Downloaded 600.**+ GB | Ratio 4.**

    You read that correctly folks. That's Alot of Gigabytes of Buffer or Alot TERRABYTES of Buffer. You won't find a buffer like this often, so don't pass this one up.

    There are some requirements for me to give you this account. First of all, I'm expecting something in return. I'm generous at times but not THAT generous.

    Give me your best offer for well known torrent sites that are hard to get invites for. Also, I would like to see proof that you will be a person I can trust with this account. Please show me at least TWO of your best torrent site ratios. It must be a good ratio with at least "power user" status. Rapid Share accounts are welcome and I actually PREFER them.

    Well that's it, I don't want to post a wall of text, so there you go guys. Happy Thanksgiving! :]

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    it will be very hard to find you based on the details you provided

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugs.bunny View Post
    Reported to TL staff with a nice ss of your post showing all the stats
    Yeah well nice try ass wipe, too bad I don't use the same name on the tracker as I do on here.

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    face it dude, world is full of dickheads hope u wont get banned
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    They can identify you through your upload and download amount alone. Your account will probably be disabled in a while due to people reporting it.

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    BTW: wy do you want to give it away??? You can use it yourself.... Its one of the better(!) trackers out here.

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    See below
    Yeah, why do you want to trade it in the first place? And to be fair it doesn't matter how good your ratio is, it's still a level 3 tracker. You won't get any highlevel trackers. (if you don't get banned first of course).

    And one more tip; hide more than your username. Don't think there are that many people having exactly the same ratio as you, so it's not a problem for them to find you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBlaZinMonK3 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bugs.bunny View Post
    Yo fool you have painted a nice bullseye over your account with those stats. It doesn't matter if the usernames aren't the same.
    What about my stats? Theres people there with way better stats than me

    And you dont have to be an ass hole. I was just trying to do a fair trade.
    They will search for the user that have the same amount of upload/download as the ones that r posted in the pic u posted and then they will ban u.. so simple..

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    OK so trolling just to single out members here is not allowed. I can't believe I actually have to say this. This is the Trade section and ATM Trading TL accts are OK.

    To the OP They will find you because of your exact stats, my advice is (if the acct doesn't get banned) Next time don't post the exact stats. I edited your post for you to try and help some. It's prob too late though. TL staff are very effective at this type of thing.

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    Make the stats more obscure.... change atleast 50 GBs


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