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Thread: I Need To Squize 740 Mb Into 700 Mb Cd

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    I have Downloaded 740 MB of a classic movie called Scarface, and I want to burn it. I have tryied to use winzip 9 and winace but it didnt squize more than 20 MB.

    what should I do??


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    I take it u mean for storage purposes that 740 mb should fit on your cd just use nero burning rom.

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    you'll need to enable overburning(assuming you drive supports it) if you don't knwo how to do it look for a tutorial on google

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    40 mb is a lot of space if you don't have it. Might want to get a dv editing program and get rid of everything but the movie so it will fit on the disk, opening and end credits. You might just be able to reduce the file size so it will fit on the disk.

    Also, it is possible to reduce the quality of the video, this will save a lot of space.

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    You said you downloaded a movie, what is the fourcc? 99.9999% of all movies you download will be compressed in one form or another. Your movie is compressed, but what format? It matters. If its an mpeg4 variant, and it probably is, try re-encoding to xvid with a lower bitrate. As far as winzip goes, here is the deal: If your codec(COmpression-DECompression) is doing its job, there should be no need to further compress the file with winzip. That's the whole idea of a codec.

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    d/l suffit 8 and i think it'll save u up a lotta space

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    you got a .mpeg / .dat files?
    use nero (vcd / svcd) and you get up to 800 MB on a 700 (80min) cd-r (video cds got less error correctioncode).


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