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Thread: Mpeg Problem With Classic Media Player

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    Searched the forums for an answer and didn't find it.

    I just installed the "Real Alternative" and the Classic Media Player plays everything great except that when I drag and drop an MPEG into the CMP it basically freezes the computer until I kill the process. I can play MPEG's fine with WMP but was hoping to use CMP for everything.

    Also, anyone know if Real Player is supposed to be disabled by installing CMP?

    If this question should be in a different forum, let me know.


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    There you can get teh latest version of MPC. Perhaps that solves your problem.

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    just try installing SLD Pack, worked for me!!!!!!!!

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    Instead of dragging and dropping just clik on the movie u are trying to view.

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    Originally posted by Makaveli-tha-don@8 September 2003 - 18:30
    just try installing SLD Pack, worked for me!!!!!!!!
    SLD pack? I tried a search but it turned up too many results and I can't search just for SLD...

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    OK, the SLD codec pack worked. I got it from here:


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