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Thread: Blocked Ip

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    Hello all. I've just checked Peer Guardian on my computer and found this IP address message

    Connection Rejected: - NTL Network Management Centre part3 (09-08-2003 @ 17:27:25)

    Now normally I wouldn't be too bothered but it was blocked 665 times in less than a minute! I know it says it's NTL but is it? Or is NTL trying to check up on me? Can anyone tell me what this IP is as I'm only new to the whole IP tracing scene.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nothing to worry about.

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    Cheers buddy.

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    NTL must be the Devil!!! I've been hit by them 666 times now .

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    That ip is probaly a bad listing,looks like an ISP to me.

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    666 sounds like you might be blockin your own ISP from connecting seems like alot hits for anything else.


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