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Thread: Best Mindless ripped movie to dvd Converter.

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    I need a simple program to convert usual torrent movies to dvd.
    It is for my buddies so they can watch them on their dvd players or playstation2.

    i have been advised ConvertX.

    am i clear to go with it?

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    I don't know, I've had a high file corruption rate using convertx. The disks will play just fine on the computer, but won't play on the stand-alone dvd player. (and yes, I was using the proper format)

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    I've had good luck with winavi video converter. The quality's not the best, but you don't really expect that with an avi to dvd conversion anyway. It's rather fast (a full movie in about 1hr on my PC), works with most media files, and even creates a menu. Only thing keeping it from being a one step solution is the fact that it doesn't burn. It will create the video_ts and audio_ts, but then you have to burn them with another program.

    Still, close to one step, and it's pretty simple to configure.

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    ConvertX. is one of the easier ones but still found my self using DVDsanta and UltraIso ,for the oddball files people use when they upload .

    So easy to use a five your old could do it , quick someone go get a five year old . I could fill a landfill with the coasters I'v made over the years .

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    I just used ConvertX to convert and burn about 60 movies these last few days and the only problem I had was the odd bad disk.

    I'm using v2.2.3.258 which I think is the last update of v2. I did install v3 some time ago but it's a horrible thing to use and I had no end of trouble with it so I went back to v2.

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    great thanks, i was worried about the quality outcome.

    all your effort is so that my partners best friend can watch "mammamia"

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    ConvertXtoDvd ,the best.

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    i have used winavi alot in the past because it was fast and easy but for the last 6 months i been using convertx without one single prob and on a good rig it is fast too, i convert on average in about 10-15 min.


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