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Thread: Best tracker for TV content (not just the shows)?

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    Could anyone recommend good trackers with old and new TV content? I know is a good one for UK programms. Is there a similar tracker for US and international ones?

    I don't mean the regular tv shows and things like david letterman shows you can find anywhere, just... for example I'm looking for a Peter Bogdanovich' Mudcrutch documentary that aired recently on VH1. What are the best trackers to search for it?
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    For me BMTV seems to do the job for both old and new shows.
    I have heard from others that is a good tracker for this also but i am not a member there so i cannot verify this.

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    There's tv-vault for old shows.
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    From what i've heard, bitmetv is the best for that.

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    Yeah BMTV is the best IMO but its a bitch to seed at

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    BMTV but quite hard to get into

    And yes, slymester. Really hard to seed!

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    bitmtv i guess but it's really not worthit to download anything from there. It's very hard to seed back. I only download stuff that i cant find anywhere else so basically bitmetv is the last stop for me.

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    ^ This is the way I do it too. If I can't find what I want at isn't very often) then I"ll use bmtv.

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    Trust me if u want the current releases u will find them all on TheGft and SCC .. they have some odd tv shows that arnt present even in the BMTV ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by FX2908 View Post
    From what i've heard, bitmetv is the best for that.
    he don't ask you what you heard but what you know...
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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