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Thread: seedhost.ed, questions.

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    I couldn't get permission to post in Seedbox section, so I'll write here.

    I'm thinking about getting a seedbox, but I don't have that much money to purchase dedicated server. I wanted to have an account in Kimsufi, but since I'm living in the US, that wasn't possible. After doing some research, I've come up with an OVH reseller It has decent reviews and lower price which might be suitable for me. But the question is whether I need to buy seedbox or dedicated server. If I'll do only bittorrent, is the dedicated server necessary? If I do buy seedbox, is it better to have one person plan or shared one? I don't know how much it'll slow down my seeding speed if I share it with other people. I'm definitely going to use it for 24/7 with maximum speed. Will seedbox for one person be worth the extra 20 euros?
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    Buy a dedicated server, not a seedbox. Way better.

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    How about OS?
    Is Centos 5.0 32bits good?

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    agree dedicated server alot better.
    I never used centos so no comment.
    debian or ubuntu desktop also good. very easy to use

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    I heard many people had problems with ubuntu.

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    Windows 2003 does the job, throw an Antivirus on there and run utorrent. I did about 4TB in 10 days and could happily sit at 11mb/s constant upload and download.

    Unless you have a specific reason for going to ubuntu/linux distro, Windows will do nicely. Its also free for the first two months. After that just let the server lease cancel and order again
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    Question Mark

    Do you mean cause seedhost.ed does not load ...

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    There's a reason you can't post in the Seedbox Discussion thread yet. Why would you go and try to bring "Seedbox Discussion" into the regular BT forum?
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