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Thread: Good VPN Provider(s)...

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    I would like to know if any of you can recommend at GOOD VPN provider, that allows P2P without any restrictions?

    This is a must:

    *High Speed (no speed cap)
    *Unlimmited bandwidth (no problems about how much is downloaded!)
    *No Logs
    *High encryption
    *Good and trustworthy support

    Please post your recommendations and knowledge about this issue:-)


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    Free 1 month trial

    then you'll have to pay ( Only EUR 5.00 per month or EUR 50.00 for 12 months)
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    Won't using a VPN guarantee a slower speed than your connection?

    In anycase, there's an almost free seedbox service, which required you to signup with a VPN provider

    You could give this a try

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    I tested for a month and the service was greate unfortunatly my money situation got bad and had to stop ussing it.

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