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Thread: VNC on Hosting-IE server?

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    i just got my new dedi and i can't connect to my vnc server. i'm following NaQ's tutorial which worked fine with my previous servers. my hosting-ie server has 2 Nic's with 2 diff IP's. could that be the problem?

    Edit: btw i'm running Debian
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    Dunno about the guide you mentioned, haven't take a look at it before but you can simply install gnome or fluxbox or whatever you want by using these 3 commands

    1)apt-get install xserver-xorg-core xorg
    2)apt-get install kde (for KDE) or apt-get install GDM (for gnome) or apt-get instal XDM (for Fluxbox or XFCE)
    3)For KDE use apt-get install kde
    For gnome use apt-get install gnome
    For xfce use apt-get install xfce4
    For fluxbox use apt-get install fluxbox

    And then install whichever vnc system you want. (I would suggest you nomachine although in which you can connect encrypted)
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    I'm assuming you got 64-bit Debian... I know vncserver somehow doesn't work on it based on the experience of a friend. You can use tightvnc instead.

    # apt-get install tightvncserver
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