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Thread: iPodtvnova Invite!

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    I'm seeking an invite for this site and any other good site for ipod and iphone movies and tv (Already have syncthebits)

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    have a look at, seems there is a good collection of h264 rip for appleTV, what power user can get an invite for sure.
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    Thanks for the reply, anyone can help ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danswano View Post
    Thanks for the reply, anyone can help ?
    iPodTVNova doesn't use an invite system. To be a member you need to register when they're open,currently they're not but they plan to open after pruning inactive users. Sorry to disappoint but keep an eye on when they open.

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    But is it the best tracker for such stuff and worth waiting ?

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    IPodTVNova is very good.
    It is worth waiting for inactive accounts to be pruned.
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    any idea when it will open neext

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    Any one having unused account want to spare please ?


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