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Thread: Uploading speed problem

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    Dec 2006
    I have a dedicated server from ovh and my upload speed is constantly limited to around 3 mb/s. I know it's not their fault because at some point i managed to achieve full speed but i after i needed to format i have this problem which i encountered in the beginning as well.

    Can someone help me with some settings or what i have to do??

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    server specs, os, utorrent/rtorrent ?
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    I have two both from ovh.
    One is celeron 1.2 ghz 1 gb memory 100mb
    the other is dual core 2 ghz 2 gb memory
    i've tried debian, ubuntu server ubuntu desktop on both and only in one occasion i manage to make it work properly.
    I'm using utorrent on both machines at the moment

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    I would have said it was a hardware based problem, as my old server couldn't manage to hold decent speeds for long due to the shitty hardware specs.

    Though if its happening on the dual core setup then its not hardware. Most likely limiting done by ovh. You're on the kimsufi package yeh?

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    use rtorrent. much better


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