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Thread: rssdler troubles / syntax questions?

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    first off I had it working fine before but most of the time I get this error over and over and it crashes

    "Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "logging/", line 731, in emit
    File "logging/", line 617, in format
    File "logging/", line 408, in format
    KeyError: 'funcName' "

    I installed it as per the guide at it's website seemed straight forward

    I'm not sure about the brackets (i just added them to see) What I should put between words in tv shows (period, question mark, {1})

    I had it working before except it wasn't working on tv and I had questions marks between them... but otherwise was working now it doesn't work at all

    ALso I had lots of * marks before but wasn't sure if they are needed or wanted?

    here is my config:

    # default config filename is config.txt in ~.rssdler


    downloadDir = /home/mishkin/testtorrents/
    workingDir = /home/mishkin/rssdler3/

    scanMins = 1

    sleepTime = 2

    [TL games]
    link =
    regExTrue = (-RELOADED|-ViTALiTY|-Razor1911|-AVENGED|-FLT-PROCYON|-unleashed|-POSTMORTEM|-SKIDROW)
    regExFalse = (german|demo|-TL|retro)

    [TL HD]
    link =
    regExTrue = (-refined|-infamous|-cinefile|-sinners|-hangover|-hv|-septic|-ika|-metis|-1920|-reveille|-halcyon|-ngr|-wpi|-outdated|-cybermen|-hd1080|-cddhd)
    regExFalse = (XXX|internal|1080p|199|198|197|196|195|194|2000|2001|2002|2003|2004|2005|2006)

    [TL Xbox360]
    link =
    regExTrue = (xbox360)
    regExFalse = (Demo|german|torrentleech|.pack.|-TL)

    [TL TV]
    link =
    regExTrue = (preair|Spooks|Survivorman|Entourage|The.Legend.Of.The.Seeker|Crusoe|Stargate|Fringe.S|GREEK.S|Heroes.S|House.S|Numb3rs|Prison.Break|Smallville|Weeds.S|Survivor.S|The.Colbert|The.Daily.Show|Supernatural|Boston.Legal|American.Idol|Deadliest.Catch|Shark.S|Hells.Kitchen|Reaper.S|NCIS||Bones|The.Big.Bang.Theory|One.Tree.Hill|Two.and.a.Half.Men|How.I.Met.Your.Mother|American.Dad|Desperate.Housewives|Everybody.Hates.Chris|Family.Guy|King.of.The.Hill|The.Simpsons|Cops.S|Doctor.Who.S|Battlestar.Galactica|Greys.Anatomy|Heroes.Unmasked|Conan.O.Brien|Mythbusters|South.Park|Merlin.2008|Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars|Sanctuary.US|Cruose|Ghost.Whisperer|The.Pickup.Artist|Cold.Case|Californication|The.Unit|Life.S02|Brothers.And.Sisters|Saturday.Night.Live|SNL|The.Amazing.Race|Chuck.S|Dexter|True.Blood|Little.Britain.USA|Top.Gear|James.Mays.Big|My.Name.Is.Earl|The.Office|CSI|Terminator|Life.On.Mars|ER.S15|Its.Always.Sunny|Eleventh.Hour|Gossip.Girl|Worst.Week|My.Own.Worst.Enemy|Knight.Rider.2008|Pushing.Dasies|The.Mentalist|Law.And.Order|Dirty.Jobs|The.Sheild|The.Sarah.Silverman|Ugly.Betty|Sons.Of.Anarchy|Dirty.Sexy.Money|Criminal.Minds|Private.Practice|90210|Robot.Chicken|Kitchen.Knightmares|Friday.Night.Lights|24.S|Eureka|KyleXY|Scrubs|UFC)
    regExFalse = (.pack.|-TL|hebsub|internal|DVD-R|DVDR|torrentleech|Dvdrip)

    [TL Xvid]
    link =
    regExTrue = (.TC|.TS|SCR.X|R5|workprint)
    regExFalse = (DVDR|internal|stv|199|198|197|196|195|194|2000|2001|2002|2003|2004|2005|2006|portuguese|german|french)

    [TL dvdrip]
    link =
    regExTrue = (dvdrip)
    regExFalse = (.pack.|-TL|S0|torrentleech|Aeroholics|internal|stv|199|198|197|196|195|194|2000|2001|2002|2003|2004|2005|2006|portuguese|german|french|russian)

    link =
    regExTrue = (psp-)
    regExFalse = (.pack.|-TL|torrentleech)

    edit: I updated my python to 3.0 form 2.4 same deal
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    should mention I've tryed running it with minimal filters and such and sometimes works sometimes doesn't

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    Default installation assumes workingDir is ".rssdler" with the config.txt inside that dir.
    In your config i see "workingDir = /home/mishkin/rssdler3/". You can have it setup in different dir but you need to specify where it should look for the config.txt.

    Also it's missing the line that tells where the logfile is situated and the log level. (notice the line "log = 1" in the example config posted below. Put that to "log = 5" and it gets very wordy, check it for errors)

    scanMins minimum usually is 5mins.

    I don't see anything wrong in the filter section (regextrue & regexfalse seem to be setup ok).


    downloadDir = /home/userdir/torrents/
    workingDir = /home/userdir/.rssdler/
    minSize = 0
    log = 1
    logFile = /home/userdir/log.txt
    scanMins = 5
    sleepTime = 5
    runOnce = false
    urllib = True


    link ="yourpasskey"
    maxSize = 0
    minSize = 120
    nosave = False
    regextrue = (prison.break|heroes|gossip.girl|greek|south.park|stargate.atlantis|the.shield||smallville|fringe|house|dexter|californication|family.guy|entourage|chuck|the.simpsons|lost|one.tree.hill|without.a.trace)
    regexfalse = (HEBSUB|D0|720p|x264|STV|R5|CAM|TS)


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