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Thread: Star Wars Rogue Squadron Iii

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    Comes out 10/21/03 (here in the US)

    Pre-order and receive a playable disk of the 1982 Atari Star Wars arcade game, Rebel Strike playable demo and video, and a video trailer from the gladiator RPG Gladius
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    don't forget the new multiplayer options and the co-op of EVERY RS2 level!

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    I can't wait for this game, i got the original (well, number 2) with my gamecube and the graphics blew me away - and its still a good showcase of the systems power. With the new direction the game is taking, i just hope they keep it as challenging, but as fun as the second (and to a larger extent, the original - imo having gameplay much better than that of the 2nd)

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    This game looks great. I'll probably get it when I get a GC.

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    im gonna rent this... im runnin outta money and i got like 3 games to buy this month


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