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Thread: Wtf I Juss Saw The Funiset Ad Here

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    WOw iz it juss me or did anyone else see a NAVY ad here?

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    I hav'nt seen one since. but how can I remember one since there so many!


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    All I have seen for at least an hour is the focus ad.

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    FuNkY CaPrIcOrN's Avatar Poster
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    My SpyBot S&D has been poping up all day."TargetNet" is what it keeps blocking from our forum.

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    I can't work out how to stop NIS from blocking the ads. I have managed to stop it blocking popups from some sites, but the same logic doesn't seem to apply to ads so I don't see any of them unless I disable all ad blocking, and that is NOT going to happen.
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    nono guys im not talking about pop up addes look at the top rite hand side. Theres an ad. Sometimes there mite be aol or w/e but i juss saw a navy add. Now why would they advertise to horny males seeking blood errrr i mean piraters

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    All I see is mortgage ads.

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    lol as ur surfing the forum juss see if u notice a navy add


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