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Thread: Downloads Not Downloading

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    I've noticed recently that i do a search for a file and it has like 30 users with a file i need. i go to download and it says more sources needed? or remotely qued. I leave my pc running for a week or so and come back to it and nothing has downloaded yet. It says people have it why won't it download? or it downloads half of a file and then stops and says the same thing yet searches show many copies of same name and file size. what is this?

    I heard kazaa is blocking k-lite users now is this true? is this why i haven't been able to download anything? I have the most up to date version of klite as well and nothing.... I share my files are people just not sharing theres and kazaa sees there copies and fails to recognize that they aren't sharing? i don't get it?

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    Try and download a hugely popular song.
    And then try, you shouldn't have any problems.

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    There may be thirty people sharing it but odds are most of them are uploading something at the time. Remember that the only way you get decent upload speed is to limit the people you're uploading to.

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    have u got a firewall on or anything?

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    nope.. no firewall or nothing...

    I usually see download speeds of .15k pretty weak then shows a time of download as 3345hours or something huge like that. sometimes i see 0.25k rarely i actually see 2k but thats rare.


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