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Thread: Madden 2004 Online Code, Reg Key, Etc. Anyone?

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    I have madden 2004 on my comp but don't have the online registration code to play online. Anyone here have one that I can use?

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    I think you need a **unique** key to play online that means you need to buy the game or go ur friends house that has it copy his key down and keep it then share it on Kazaa


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    Well if anyone here doesn't play online or knows where to get one please reply or PM me.

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    You have to buy a CD code because the server checks to see if your number is valid. and if two people with the same number logg on, that number gets banned. so no one in their right mind who bought the game will risk getting their number banned by giving it away.

    The only way possible is if you can connect Via IP to IP with someone since you dont connect to a server in that instance and cant have your code number checked

    I dont know if Madden allows TCP/IP

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    Well, doesn't hurt to ask. There might be some with dial-up who have the game but don't play online. Anyway, if someone can spare the code, please do reply or pm me.


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