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Thread: Pros & Cons of HTTPS vs. HTTP (secure connection)

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    Can someone please help me understand what the pros and cons are between https, http, and/or UDP ~ as seen in the screenshot below (typically enabled within your tracker's configuration settings page)?

    How about enabling SSL encryption upon logging into a site, such as can be seen in the screenshot below:

    Any clarity that anyone might be able to shed on these two questions would be greatly appreciated!!

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    tracker name?

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    I saw this option on many sites, but i dont know either, why https is better than http. Its more secure, but fortunately ppl dont get busted because of downloading, as far as i know.

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    https with no doubts...

    it increase security and additionally will stop some kind of "slow down" isp does to limit the p2ptraffic (some isp sniff the torrent port during the announce and throttle it)

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    no need to use it unless your ISP has heavy throttling on you. enabling it will just cause a lot of stress on the tracker, so you should only use it if you really need it, otherwise, leave it alone.


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