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Thread: File Conversion

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    I converted a file using avs and burned it to dvd and only half of the dvd plays ,then it freezes slowly moving from frame to frame. Anybody know whats going on and how I can correct it? Thanks

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    Might be a couple of causes. First check to make sure the disc is clean, free of smudges and fingerprints.
    It could also be that you are burning the DVD to fast and its giving you errors. Try burning at 8X or slower.
    Also try a different brand of dvd, some players are picky.

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    Try a program called VSO ConvertXtoDvd, very good converter and will burn the finished project, there is a free one of their software ,one of the first versions, very basic but still does a fantastic job,Google - VSO DivxToDVD,version 0.52.99,
    I first used this and was so impressed by it i brought all VSO products.
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    I concur with the first answer, changing encoders will not help if your always trying to burn at the max speed. I use half the rated speed of my burner or media which ever is lowest (16x burner 8x media burn at 4x OR older 8x burner with new 16x media still burn at 4x)sure it takes longer but I have very few issues. I have also made a habit of converting any avi's with vbr mp3 audio, into cbr audio prior to converting to dvd, and this has also stopped alot of errors. I have seen vbr audio cause a movie to be very jumpy, both as an avi on a divx compatible player or as a converted avi to dvd.
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