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Thread: GA : S*L , Iplay , Pisexy and TL

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    1 x Iplay - Fearful
    1 x Pisexy
    1 x TL

    No fakers , traders , cheaters ! try to be nice and serious ! any proofs you show me make them today from the profile to view the last seen ... Good luck
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    **Wish for seedbox acces !

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    great giveaway
    i know i do not have any chace to ask invite
    because i am new member her but i need it rely and i have seed box to keep ratio great
    if u need any proofs just pm me
    thanks 4 giveaway
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    Great giveaway.. Good luck.
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    Hey Jaymacel
    I'd love an invite for S*L. I have been trying to join that site for long but i couldn't get it. I have heard that it has got great community and I'd sure love to be a part of that. Here are my ratios
    TTi :
    I can provide u with profile links for all proofs if u want
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    I would like to apply for S*L
    A great tracker with excellent speed and a wonderfoul community.
    I hope you consider me
    Speed :

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    No fakers/traders/cheaters ..that`s hard, i know. Good luck with your giveaway! You surely are a great member here.
    ps.:I would reccomand you to choose wisely an older member of FST for iPlay... some of the traders made theirselves new accounts and now are "non-traders" ... you know what i mean .

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    Hi i'll try my luck, but i had iplay and it got removed, because i have not logged in cause of my pc breaking down did this like half year go i guess.. And i would like to retry my luck i will use it, i will try to keep the best ratio that i can, i won't cheat or trade, i have traded few times before but i won't ever do it again, as you can see in my rep history.. so i hope i get lucky. and also i would like to have it because i'm really into movie packs and all. i know they have good speed, i hope i can get on, thanks for reading..

    Tl: - updated.


    Also i can pm you my profile links if you want..
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