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Thread: Desktop "flickers" While Playing Media

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    This doesn't really have anything to do with Kazza Lite, but I'm hoping someone
    else out there had the same problem with this particular display adapter, and fixed it... maybe you can help me out too.
    First I started having crashes and recoverings from serious errors because of this stupid display system . Then Windowsxp update had a driver update which I downloaded
    from them only to discover constant freezing of programs, slow system startup, screen CONSTANTLY flickers while trying to play media and I feel sorry for those trying to upload from me because they too are getting frozen along with my downloads, so the Windows XP driver was only worse! Then I went into the NVIDIA website looking for a driver update only to discover that my display isn't even listed there!!
    My system is only a few years old, I just put in a new hard drive and have lots more memory now... Does anyone out there know how to solve this problem or can direct me to a SUBSTANTIAL driver update site? I've been to Cnet, Driverguide and every where else you can imagine. Who I'll probably need help
    from is someone who has the same display adapter, went through the same problem and solved it... hellllp!!!


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    the latest release of Nvidia's one-size-fits-all driver download DOES support your card. on the driver selection page, click "GeForce and TNT2" and it brings up a list of several dozen different Nvidia models supported by that download, including:

    "Products Supported:
    TNT2 Pro
    TNT2 Ultra
    TNT2 Model 64 (M64)
    TNT2 Model 64 (M64) Pro
    Vanta LT

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    I must have overlooked it... I was getting frustrated!!

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    Thanks 3r again for your help... but unfortunately it was the same driver I had
    downloaded from Windows update... Either Nvidia has a problem, or maybe it's something else... I did do a windows compatibility test and it did
    show up there, so that is how I found out about it in the first place. Also I had
    gotten the response from windows xp that this particular adapter was causing the
    problem after sending them the error report..... waaaahhh!!!! I've been sort
    of "rebuilding" my computer for the past few weeks... I installed an internal and
    external hard drive by myself, I added a 2.0 hub card... etc., do you have any
    suggestions on display adapters? I'm thinking of dumping this Nvidia and trying
    something else more compatible and DRIVER SIGNED with Windows XP... Do you have any suggestions and if they're as easy to install as the above I did?


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    do you have a PCI card plugged into the first PCI slot? on an upright computer, this would be the uppermost slot, the closest one to the CPU. if you do, you should try moving it to a different slot (if you have any available). using a card in the first PCI slot can cause problems because the slot often shares an IRQ with the display adapter.

    have you tried adjusting the resolution or the refresh rate? the refresh rate is listed in the monitor's properties under display options. anywhere between 60hz or 90hz should be acceptable, though i think most people find 70hz or faster to be more comfortable for their eyes.

    also, i'm wondering if it isn't a problem with the monitor rather than the display adapter. perhaps the monitor's driver needs to be updated, you might have a defective or worn out cable, or something...

    as for a new display card, if none of these other suggestions help-- your Vanta is a several-year-old model, so Nvidia may be slacking on proper driver support for that model at this point. unless you want to play 3D video games and need blazing fast 3D rendering, any Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon adapter that you can get for less than $50 US should do the trick. nevermind the more expensive models because their advantages are almost purely game-related. 32MB or 64MB of video RAM should be more than adequate, and the driver support will most likely be a bit better than the support on the Vanta.

    you might want to try an ATI card since that brand's picture quality is more reliable and Nvidia's drivers might be having a problem with some other part of your PC (such as the motherboard).

    as with a lot of computer problems, it's really difficult to say exactly what's causing the problem. it could be any number of things, unfortunately.

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    Thanks 3r... I'll look into it...


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