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Thread: Speedloadmanager Emule

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    Best upload/download speed-utility for eDonkey2000 , eMule and Overnet
    22/june/2003 *** development of SpeedLoadManager stopped ***
    [neo] decided to cancel his support for eDonkey2000 and Overnet. the main reason is time and lost interest. don't be sad. SpaceCommander is working on the next generation of SpeedLoadManager (2004) for all filesharing applications!
    What is the reason for stopping the support of future eMule versions?

    ByTeGeiZ splitted up in late march 2003 and so our ways too. SpaceCommander decided to stop his work for eMule support because of private reasons. [neo] continues his support for future eDonkey2000 and Overnet versions.

    * What does SpeedLoadManager do?

    SLM allows you to set the up and downloadspeed of some P2P programs. The need of uploading 10 kb/s to download as fast as you want is disabled, so it is possible to download with 80 kb/s but only uploading with 1 kb/s.

    * How do I use SpeedLoadManager?

    Download the SpeedLoadManager, unpack the zip file and start it. Make sure your P2P program runs and klick on Refresh in SLM. If SLM shows you the correct version of your P2P programm,enter the upload and download speed you want to set. Disable upload if you want and the disabling for this version of your P2P program is possible. Click on Set to enable the configuration you made.

    * SpeedLoadManager shows (Unknown), what can I do?

    Make sure you use a version which is supported by SLM. Look at Downloads, there should be the latest supported version of your P2P program. If this also failed, you should contact us.Notice for eMule users: We only support the official eMule versions from so don't ask us to support any version from somewhere else.

    * SpeedLoadManager says Floating Point numbers are not supported by this version.

    Entering the up/download speed in floating point numbers is not supported by your P2P program. The latest versions of eDonkey and Overnet support it. Please use an integer as value.

    * Why can't SpeedLoadManager disable the creditsystem?

    Because it is not possible to do that.

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    Isn't this promoting of a LEECH tool...

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    Isn't this promoting of a LEECH tool...
    Maybe ,i don't use nothing like this.


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