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Thread: Looking For New Torrent Sites..??

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    Hey all,
    I just recently found this forum and decided to join..
    I was a member of araditracker a while ago and they seemed pretty good for my needs, but now they have closed and I dont know why..

    So I come looking here for advice on better torrent sites..

    I found this page
    that discusses top private sites that are hot-popular Ect.

    But I see no way of joining them unless Invited I guess..
    So what is Top torrents sites and how to get invite for them..??

    Sorry if i post in wrong section or say something against rules..
    Just looking for some help..
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    There are plenty of decent sites out there with open sign-up. Just browse through this thread After you've been a member here for 30 days you can access the invites section and see what that's all about.

    For now a few sites I would recommend (if they are open) are dididave, bitsoup & midnight-torrents. Some ex-aradis have gone over to fataltracker or severedbytes. There are also some who use a forum

    Most of the sites you see listed on that link you posted are invite only and obviously more difficult to get into. It doesn't mean they have anything that those with open sign-up don' just means that they are more secure.

    You will read a lot of BS on FST about what sites are worth. There are some here that use their invites as a commodity....don't be led by them. Invites were meant to be given to people you trust not traded to total strangers. Do the right thing and I'm sure you will soon get a few invites once you can access that section.

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    What kind of material are you looking for exactly?
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    I was a member of araditracker tracker myself. They closed unexpectedly. I think they ran out of funds to continue running the site.

    Was araditracker your only tracker? You are not a member anywhere else? or are you just using newsgroups?

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    After 1 month here you'll get access to the bittorrent invites subforum where you can request invites for trackers. If you're active enough around here for people to recognize you as a decent person you won't have a problem getting into the sites you're after, but keep in mind they probably won't all come to you right away.

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    your neighbour
    U could try torrenbytes, open signup, content ok
    vision and flawless are among the best scene rls groups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di@monds View Post
    U could try torrenbytes, open signup, content ok
    this is a great place to start.

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    there are many sites to start. one of them is "demonoid"
    many people, as i heard from here, had started with it. many torrents from all kinds. but speed is a little bit low. almost every month they opens their doors for a few days, beside, after 30 days here you can get invite from invite section easely, just follow it.

    if you want higher speed you can try torrentbytes as "Di@monds" and "piratebot" have said above. actually i am considered new to torrent worlds and i started with these two sites.

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    I am already a member of Demonoid for a while now, it seem ok. But I am looking for torrent sites with O-Day: Movies, TV, Games, PC Apps Ect.. That have fast D/L speeds lots of good seeders and great content released fast.. I'm trying to sing up for but its taking forever to load for some reason and then timing out.. probably becuz im from usa and their website is in Stockholm, Sweden..?? Anyone else can recommend me some good torrent sites that have what I ask for..??
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