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Thread: wont power up

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    ok i have a acer motherboard that wont light up. When i plug it in the only thing that lights up is the card reader. No power goes anywhere the front not even a fan works. Whats the first thing to look at for the problem. Could it be the power supply even thou the card reader lights up. Thanks for all help.

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    Yes, it could be the PSU, which, fortunately for you, also happens to be the easiest thing to check first.
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    Hope it power supply box was bought online and by the time it arrived by post box was damaged, and only thing as i said is the card reader that has a light on it. The card reader lights up as soon as box is plugged in where you press button to start computer or not. Could it be lit up through feedback or not.

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    Please be a little more clear.

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    when you plug computer together the card reader lights up even before you turn computer on. no power whats so ever gets to the front switch to turn it on . the fans or nothing work at all

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    Is the fan behind SMPS Power supply On ?

    If so change the power supply and check.
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    no none of the fans come on

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    from my personal experience:

    a) change the power cable that connects to your power supply (yeah, i had faulty ones, it was an headache to find out
    b) try with another PSU if someone can borrow u one
    c) check if the board connector to the power button is correctly plugged (very unlikely but let's cut this off the equation)
    d) check if your cpu fan connector is plugged too (some boards refuse to boot if they don't recognise something connected there
    e) check if the bios jumper is in the correct position

    if these won't work, try to change your DIMMs to another slot. there are some weird things, and it's not the first time i see it happen.

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    Had a very simmilar problem about a year ago. Just needed to reseat my ram and it was fixed.

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    Will try everyones ideas over the weekend, any more ideas are welcome.


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