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Thread: Tears Of The Sun.

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    Im d/loading 'Tears Of The Sun' starring Bruce Willis after seeing the trailer on t.v last night.It looks really good,nothing too clever in the way of plot but nm.Basically,some soldiers are trapped in enemy territory and brucey baby and some others are sent in to rescue them..Hooraye! It looks like a decent action film though,just wondering if anyone has seen it yet,if you have then post your comments here if you can be arsed.

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    where is ur Verified Hash,

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    could you post your verified hash

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    You can get it from in the movies/action section.

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    Why is this in verified???

    but anyway if it is the 2 cd version it is not bad quality

    as to the film itself

    "probably the best bruce willis film for a long while"

    Edit: Forgot about Monica Beluccis magnificent frontage showing itself a lot

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    I have downloaded it and watched it.

    The movie isn't the greatest war movie that you will ever see but it is quite entertaining. The ending is a little drastic and unrealistic. All in all its a pretty enjoyable film if you like that sorta movie.

    On a side note I downloaded the verified version and it took about 3 weeks to download the whole movie. So be patient, but its worth the wait.

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    so try this version which you will get in way less time that that
    and at least in can stay in verifieds !!!!!!!!!!

    Edit: Removed links

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    anyone know why quicklinks not working ???????

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    We done the same thing mate ,i caught a trailer on one of the sky vhannels a few days ago and downloaded it yesterday morning off K/l.I've only watched about the first 20mins of it thou up to where they all start leaving and the one women doctor decides to stay behind then decided i wasnt in the mood.I done exactly the same today,started to watch t3 then turned it off.I havnt had the time to watch a film in the night lately so i've been tring to watch one in the just dosnt feel the same as watching a movie at night.

    Length:733081600 Bytes, 715900KB

    Length:731852800 Bytes, 714700KB

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    think maybe we should go back into verifieds ??????????????

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