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Thread: Building Web Pages

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    Peace. Im a newbie to web building. Can anyone recommend tools for the novice? I do not know html, but willing to learn. Just need something friendly to the noob.
    Thanks everyone. Markil

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    you can look at online tutorials for basic stuff

    or you can use macromedia dreamweaver

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    Get a spider.
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    I think you'll find Microsoft Frontpage to be the best one to start with, Dreamweaver is very good, but not as easy to learn as Frontpage.

    You'll also need some good graphics progs, a bitmap and a vector prog. I use Coreldraw and Corel PhotoPaint, but there are many good ones.


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    i use both dreamweaver and frontpage there both good

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    Dreamweaver is extremely good.

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    all Macromedia products r amazing

    I use Dreamweaver MX - Fireworks 4 & MX - Flash 5

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    As you are a beginner, I say use dreamweaver v4 or go to download coolpage v2.7 it's free, and also comes with a web page uploader a.k.a ftp client built in!
    or go to mysite my site to start learning html.

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    FrontPage is quite easy to use.

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    Just be careful with it. Frontpage inserts a lot of junk code by itself. Dreamweaver is still good for WYSIWYG if you dont know html.
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