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Thread: People Being Sued 4

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    im 4om london i was just watching da 1pm bbc news and it sayed that a music company r sueing 200 people 4 dl music illegly (sorry about da spelling).

    the want up 2 100,000 4 every song that they downloaded

    they also said that there haz been a 31% drop in album sales in da past year
    and single sales have droped 70%

    the question is how did they get cought
    and on the report they showed Mophes and kazza
    wat shall we do so we dont get cought????

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much if you are in the UK. The RIAA is an American organization.

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    A 31% drop in album sales, eh? And they (RIAA) think that suing and harrassing the very people who buy these albums is going to help raise sales. The very idea is laughable! BWAAAHAHHAHHAHA!

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    i saw that thing this mornign 2 on bbc news 24

    i just laughed


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