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Thread: BitMeTV invites policy changed ahead of Christmas

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    BitmeTV (BMTV) is definitely one of the best and most sought after private trackers ever. Itís right up there in the list of dedicated TV torrent trackers and it tracks almost every major US/Canadian TV Show currently airing/recently aired. Getting into BitMeTv usually requires and invite. Unlike most private trackers weíve posted about on FILEnetworks Blog, BitMeTv has had only one open signup for the past 2 and a half years. Finding a BitMeTv invite is not that easy either, specially if you donít have a good reputation in invite sharing forums. However, a change in Bitmetvís invites policy for the month of December 2008 might just have made obtaining a BMTV invite relatively easy, even for novice users.

    Generally, if you invite someone into BitMeTv, you are responsible for their actions. If the person who was invited got caught cheating, trading or breaking any other rules, the inviter too may face the consequences. This is what made it so difficult for newbies to get hold of a BMTV invite in giveaways conducted on most invite sharing forums. So here is the good news; I noticed the following posted on BMTV homepage today:

    Wanted to invite some friends but have been worried that it might fall back on you badly?
    Well, anyone invited during the month of December 2008's inviter will be immune for being responsible for those invites. So invite your friends and say stuff the consequences

    This means than during December 2008, BMTV members will be extra generous towards invite requests (if you post in the proper places that is). This will also leave users with relatively low rep (reputation, credits or whatever else that measures your trustworthiness on invite forums) with a standing chance on obtaining a BitMeTv invite. Note that the change on invites policy will not be in effect till the 1st of December 2008 and will end on the 31st of December. Good Luck.

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    Did you not notice there is a thread about this already.

    And yeah DeNeDe, it's especially nice for the unsuspecting person who gives you an invite.

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    WOW~it's great news
    I hope I can get one in December

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    I got a couple of invites there but i am not risking it by giving away publicly.. Its a good tracker and i dont want to risk my account even if i am not responsible for it ( according to the new news). Dont want to get a bad reputation on this good TV tracker..

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    it would be great if you could mention the source of your article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by filenetworks View Post
    it would be great if you could mention the source of your article.

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    i dont know why people bother inviting randoms/faggots/cunts etc onto the site, they'll get banned either way

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    Don't know how much I like this - of course it'll motivate people to invite, and the site had dropped to nearly 20,000 users; on the other hand, it's clear the site can't handle the current load - I don't know why they would want to add more users (being generous for a moment and assuming it's not for donations)

    In any case, the following exchange in the shoutbox was interesting:
    Quote Originally Posted by BitmeTV Shoutbox
    hey use common sense.. if u know they are a cheater.. do not invite them.. if it was an old time member that stuffed their ratio but know better now.. then sure.
    SENTBY Q - 2008-11-28 11:58:37

    What? In December I can invite anyone, even a cheater, with no consequences?
    SENTBY VoidNT - 2008-11-28 11:37:39
    Maybe we won't have to hear any more preening about 1 account per lifetime from them.
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