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Thread: What about manga ?

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    Oct 2008
    Have to say .. love books ... but have been reading some mangas .. ( .. and they sure entertain a lot ..

    Some nice sites for mangas:

    and ive found this nice site .. with pack lists to download almost all mangas on IRC ..

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    I use They have lots (and i mean lots) of manga on the site, and its updated regularly.

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    heres a must use link for manga readers, it has great speeds and used to have it all until the leagel sheet but its still great, non the less

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    I did start reading manga, but i got pretty bored of it. I found it very repetitive. But then again, some of my best friends have stacks and never seem to tire of reading them. Maybe I was just reading the wrong ones...

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    Personally I think it's terrible to read mangas at the monitor, get kinda tired of it after a little while. Therefore I buy mangas (which aint cheap for sure). Anyhow, mangas do entertain alot, some of the better ones also have a good point, like many books also have.
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    Buy Mangas? I've been trying but I cant be fucked to pay more for freight then the product. So therefore I resort in other means of obtaining it

    Currently reading "Bakuman" Chapter 23

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    Quote Originally Posted by slambaz2 View Post
    I use They have lots (and i mean lots) of manga on the site, and its updated regularly.
    i will vouch for that... i was just coming in here to suggest that site as it is the one that i have been using for a bout a year now...

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    me too use in

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    Thanks for the tips, I didnt know about

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    Most of the sites I use have already been said except one anyway.
    The Evil Empire
    I usually download from here since I can use my download manager.
    It's a bit new but still pretty good.

    I forgot to mention that you can usually find here, what you can't find in Manga Traders.
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