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Thread: Suprnova

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    I think this may have been commented on in another thread..but I'm gonna stick this in here and hope enough people see it so they stop asking about Suprnova....Click on this link it works fine.. some people have mentioned the links on the Suprnova site not working (e.g. y'click on a link and u get either the page unavailable message/or y'torrent program open but does'nt do anything)...Right the Fix for this is 'right-click' on the torrent you want and do 'save as' that torrent to say your desktop..then goto that saved item, double click on it..and hey presto your torrent will commence..aint sure why all this is happenin..I think its a whole lot of problems with Suprnovas mirrors and stuff..Hoping to see it fully operational soon...
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    Originally posted by Damnatory@14 August 2003 - 22:34
    Is it gone forever, or is it just down for maintinence?
    its always up down up down
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    Can anybody tell me what has happened to

    I can't get on it anymore and i used to use that site for all my downloads.

    Is there anymore really good sites like it, that has recent updates and has a rating system for the quality of the movie??



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    the mpaa sent an automated letter to their isp and it was shut down

    notes from the admin

    aug25, 03

    Well the MPAA forced our ISP to shutdown our website today. My lawyer is sending a demand letter to them tomorrow based on the ground that the reason they gave was that we had copyrighted files on our website and even though we told them there were NO files on the server and that they could look for themselves. They closed it anyway. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, we'll keep you informed.

    Keep an eye on the official backup board for more details.

    Just an update we have sent a letter to our ISP and they will forward it to the MPAA, if the MPAA dosn't respond they should put the site back up. I also figured out that the letter the MPAA sent out is from an automated system they have written. Dosn't seem fair that they can write an automated system that can shut down any website they want without any human ever looking at the site, thanks to the DMCA. I'll keep you all updated.


    I received a response from our ISP they said according to the DMCA the MPAA has 10-14 business days to respond to our counter claim. We were shut down on 8/27, so I guess they don't plan on doing anything till at least 9/17. Doesn't seem right does it. We could move to another ISP, but we would need a host that could give us a dedicated high end server and our own SQL server.

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    I had the same problem trying to get to Fasttrack, and guess what the same thing happened for Kazza Verifieds and Up2Dat.
    I guess they nailed them too.
    Everyone who thinks this sucks needs to sign the petition at


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    I try to go to and now some UKReg comes up what the hell is that.

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    i get that too

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    Its still there.Just use google and click on the links,I think its the 3rd or 4th down.You will find it in seconds.Dont know whats happening with that reg site thing though.

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