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Thread: Revtt invite

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    I need a revtt invite for a friend. He will be using my seedbox, so seeding is not a problem. As he is not a member here, I can show you his TL ratio if you want. Please help me. I would have invited him myself but I am not a power user.

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    tell him to register at fst so he can request revtt by himself...
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    But he will have to wait 1 month. Till that time, even I may become power user. As i said, if you want to help me, it will be good.

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    anyone? I assure you that account will be kept well.

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    tell your friend post a speed test(new york) and 2ratio proofs[of his own acc,not yours]and if it's allowed to share a seedbox on revtt i'll give you an invite
    Just seeding


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