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    Hi, I downloaded a file and it wont delete. I delete it and it comes back, I go into My Shared folders and it says its being used by windows. I decided to restart my pc and delete it but the same message came up. HELP!!!

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    What is the file.

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    this thinf called 'er' it said it was something else even in the filename

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    run an antivurus.. most likely a trojan or something.
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    You have to shut down kazaa lite to be able to delete a file you just looked at. You may have to disable the option for k lite to start when your computer starts. Or, press &#39;crtl -alt -delete at the same time and shut it down on your task master. Then delete your file.

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    IF it doesn&#39;t work to shut down kazaa lite and then delete your file, you may have to go into command prompt mode to delete it.

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    How do you do that (command thing)

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    The file is probably in use when you try to delete it. It&#39;s probably being uploaded. Unshare the file, and make sure no one is downloading it from you. Then delete it.

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    Shut down you comp and start in safe mode. Then delete it. If it dosent delete its a trojan.

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    i meant how do u do that on windows me, youy cant start in safe mode

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