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Thread: Banned From TL for ghosting, wtf is ghosting I said!!!!

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    I was member of TL for 2 weeks i uploaded ~4.5TB and dled about 1TB

    (first 500gb of dl I only had 500gb upload due to bad rss filters)

    Anyways I have like 50TB on TB, 6Tb on ScT and 5TB on scc, don't get me started on how many TB on filelist and revtt

    I also have very good scene access, but for many reasons do must of my downloading from torrent sites

    I'm only really pissed on this becausee about 2 years ago I joined and within a week got banned for a reason I'm still not sure of

    Was main tv uploader at torrentbytess for over a year (talking 8pm to 2am 7 days a week manually uploading tv torrents all under 5 min after pre)

    I have no reason to be cheating especially ghosting since it wouldn't count my upload

    I'm not evenn sure if I actually downloaded the torrents they say I ghosted on (ghosting is announceing a torrent to get ips then never talking to tracker again)

    so not sure if it was rss error or utorrent error

    it's on debian and wine stable is 1.1, I'm using 1.1.7 so I can only assume it's a wine glitch

    I think 1.1.4 solved a wine glitch where any xfer over 1MB/s cause you to drop that peer.... so yeah wine has fucked with utorrent before

    They refuse to life the ban (I could easily rejoin with new user/ip/email) but I refuse to do so (cause i"d be out 20 euro worth of seedboxing)

    I don't even really need TL but I like to have as many as i can get as like has been evidenced the scene site Tvland has jsut been taken down, I put someone on there just last week! bet their pissed they lost their monthly fee lol

    sct is pressing on none the less, anyways this is off topic

    most places I go by mishkin, on TL I went by theshadow

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    Did you try to explain your situation to the TL admins on their IRC channel? Maybe if you presented your case there, they might reconsider.

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