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Thread: Request bH

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    I'd like to have an invite to bH. I'd really appreciate . I have a seedbox, and i'm hungarian. I can post ratio proofs from major trackers.

    Esetleg valaki magyar akinek van egy fölös meghívója?
    Főleg a szinkronos filmek miatt kéne. Sokkal jobb ott a választék.

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    Congratulations on being one of the few who request this and are actually Hungarian. Or at least says they are!

    Being that you haven't been here long and have so few posts, you might find it tough to get. You'll better your chances by posting the screenshots and back them up by offering profile links via PM, and last but not least why you have interest in the tracker outside the obvious...That you are Hungarian.

    If all else fails...Be active. Make friends. Make meaningful posts (non-spam). Do not trade. And try again later.
    Anal is the only form of birth control shown to be 100% effective. Even abstinence failed once.

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    I know i have only a few posts, but i thought i try. Maybe someone's generous.
    I did state why i need but in hungarian. Did that to prove that im not just saying i am.
    Ratio Proofs:

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    Man I never say this but I really hope you get invited

    You seem sincere and you're hungarian, you deserve it.

    In my opinion noone should be a member on bH if they aren't hungarian. If someone want it anyways the reasons must be very very strong.
    RIP Swebits <3

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    y dont u join the ncore forums and try ur luck there if u arnt successful here

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    sorry to barge in but, what are the ncore forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by puscifer View Post
    sorry to barge in but, what are the ncore forums?
    Look at post #3 (and click the link)

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    thank you flashback3r!

    nCORE is a hungarian tracker. It has an invite section in the forums, but its forbidden to exchange bH invites in any way there.

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