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Thread: Great Firewall

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    After seeing this program in the "A List" in PC Pro, I decided to give Agnitum Outpost Personal Firewall 2.0. It's a very easy to use firewall that offers extreme ease of use and tremendous amount of features. It's much better than Norton Personal Firewall 2003 that I used to use before. The "PRO" version is shareware but of course the "FREE" version is free. Here are the links:

    Length:5585592 Bytes, 5454KB

    File:Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro.txt
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    Product Information
    The FREE version of Outpost Firewall offers a basic protection solution for casual web surfers and low budget systems.

    Version 1.0.1817
    File Size 2.71MB

    Important Notes
    Please note Agnitum does not provide personal Support Service or any other advice via email for Outpost Firewall FREE.
    We strongly recommend that you uninstall all other firewalls before installing Outpost Firewall. Running Outpost along with any other firewall software will very likely result in system instability (i.e. crashes) and almost certainly will result in Outpost operating in an insecure fashion.
    Outpost Firewall is not compatible with Jammer.
    We do not guarantee that Outpost Firewall will run on Microsoft ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) gateway (computer connecting two networks and transmitting packages from one network to another) running Windows2000 Service Pack 2 or Windows XP.


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