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Thread: Looking for Blackcats

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    I'm not sure if Blackcats have invites available but if they do is anyone willing to lend me an invite.

    - coder

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    you chose a really good timing to ask for it, they just gave evey member 1 referral today as xmas/birthday presents. the referral code is only valid for 1 hour so you have use it as soon as you get it.
    anyway, you seem very experienced from you records(didnt find you traded), if you never had an acc on bcg and promise you will use it and wont bring me any trouble I wouldnt mind helping you out,
    they have lots of very specific rules but maintaining a ratio is very easy.
    pm me if you still need a referral.
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    PM me if ^ doesn't help.
    Ron Paul: Hope for America

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    ^ Spam
    Can you feel the LOVE

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    ^ Double spam

    Anyhow PM me if you don't get an invite. I've got a few referrals to hand out to good people


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