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Thread: Norton Firewall And Win Xp Firewall

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    hi all do any of you know if i need to use both norton firewall and the win xp inbuilt one my mate says its better security...fair enough but the xp one blocks certain progs and with it disabled they work fine so is it safe enough just to use the norton one?????


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    wat kinda programs does the xp firewall block. this never happend to me. norton is pretty gud. u can depend on it

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    a p2p prog will norton be fine on its own then


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    Don't worry about xp's pf, unless you are constantly turning it on it is OFF. You're better off with Sygate PF Pro 5.1 than Norton's. I know I've had both. If you can't get the pro Sygate, they have a free sygate. Just installed the free Sygate on a customers machine. For free it's pretty good.


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