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Thread: Kazaa Lite Pictures`

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    I am strongly against the actions of the RIAA as I'm sure most of you are. To further voice my opinion I would like some cool pictures of Kazaa Lite to put in my locker if you guys have any.

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    just take a screen shot of this forum. How much more pro kazaa/anti RIAA could you get?

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    K-Lite is very shy.
    Pictures are very hard to come by.
    This is one of the few known to exist of K-Lite in it's natural habitat.

    Be very quiet or you'll scare it away.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    hehe, nice posts. Yea, i think if you take a screen shot of this very form thats very anti-Riaa...

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    So has anybody got any cute cool KaZaA logos etc we can have to stick on our walls / school-books and so on? Or know where we can get some?

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    They're nice
    How about these also??

    Think I much prefer blue to lime.
    Any more can be added.......

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    Use Brianna LaHara as a sticker for Kazaa (gold that is)

    seen here chubbly stealing more music, again.

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    hehe u should have seen h er other pics.. she looks like shes 25.
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