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Thread: F**R don't care about its users

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    This is insane. My account at F**R has had a warning until yesterday and i had been asked to talk to poolshark on irc. Later, i figured out it has something to do with my inviter being disabled. But i really got busy cause i work and couldnt go to irc. This was the extract of the Pm i sent to poolshark a few hours ago and after an hour or so, the account is disabled.
    https://************forums.php?actio...&topicid=19103 I am having the same login issue as ****** is having. Today, i read all those guides and still clueless. I'm not new to irc either. I 've been trying to connect for days but for whatsoever circumstances(i've been quite busy with my work) i couldn't, so my apologies for not talking to you on irc yet. Later i figured out myself, it has something to do with my inviter? I dont have a clue other than the last pm i received from my inviter. Please read it for yourself*********.png The above one was the last message i ever received from him. He didn't reply to any of my mails yet. I wonder what might have happened to him.
    This proves the site does not give a least value to its members. They dont care even if something bad happened to my inviter, they just go, push the BUTTON. They might say, WE CARE that's why we banned you for your inviter not following the rules. I can just lol at that statement. I was being honest by not saying "oh! my inviter disabled? I dont know, he is my best friend and i will talk to him bla blah blah..." My invitr is my mate (very old member)here( i dont want to write his nick here but will give it if the staff ask me to) but he is missing here for months. Why should i care about the site if they don't fucking care about me? So, i'm going to remove those asterisks if someone from the staff does not give me a reasonable reply. I dont blame all the staff but just poolshark for not doing enough research and banning me without giving me a reason.
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    Who cares, you're a trader. It's good you were disabled. And you're not the first to threaten to 'expose' a site.

    I wish parents would pay more attention to these kids so they don't end up on torrent sites.
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    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    oh no, not this sh!t again.

    lets get ready to rumble.
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